Unlimited Liquidity for Everything
DeFi and NFTs
Our First Product
Buying and Selling NFT is Fun
An auction-style marketplace, where players compete in a bidding game to win Blue-Chip NFTs.
Liquid Factory
Build with us
A privacy network which comes with native encrypted cross-chain communication. unlocking new use cases for the blockchain ecosystem from DeFi, and GameFi to NFTs.
Trusted among
Industry Leaders
January 22
  • Inception
March 22
  • Successful MVP of cross bridging encrypted data.
June 22
  • Start fund raise and inception of BIDSHOP - The First use case for Liquid Factory
September 22
  • Social launch for BIDSHOP + incubation announcement by KuCoin and Republic
December 22
  • Test Net launch for BIDSHOP - Proof of Concept for LiquidFactory
March 23
  • Mainnet BIDSHOP Launch
Goals 2023
  • Launch 2 more gamified Dapps
  • Deploy Liquid Factory chain with native encryption capabilities
  • Introduce MPC Nodes to decentralized the cross-chain encrypted messaging